Created for the busy CEO who needs their copy project tackled quickly

the VIP week

You: Busy CEO with a zillion tasks on the go

us: waiting in the wings ready to step in and handle (at least some of) them

Imagine knowing that you’re going to be able to swerve staring at a blank Google Doc for hours or wincing every time you send someone to your outdated website or sales page.

Think about how it would feel to start your week knowing that the action item you keep snoozing on ClickUp (“update welcome sequence”) is finally going to get checked off – and revelling in the fact that you won’t have to be the one to do it.

Wouldn't that be great?

All we need from you is to fill in our questionnaire, provide any market research you currently have, and block off 1 hour from your busy schedule to have a pre-work call with us.

We’ll take it from there and deliver your copy element within 48 hours.

Then, we’ll have a quick follow-up call to answer any remaining questions you might have and give our advice on next steps.

Meaning you can get your copy creation off of your to-list and get back to the real CEO tasks you need to focus on.

In our VIP week package, we’ll take the reins on refreshing, re-doing or creating your chosen copy or marketing element.

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vip week


investment of  $3000 USD

what you get

• In-depth questionnaire & market research dive

• 1 x 60 minute pre-work call

• Full day of work on your chosen copy element and delivery of this within 48 hours of our call. Choose from the refresh, re-do or creation of one of the following:

 – Full website copy (max. 5 pages)
 – Sales Page
 – Welcome/Nurture Email Sequence (7-part)
 – Sales Email Sequence (7-part)

• 1 x 45-minute follow-up call for any questions/next steps/strategy advice

• A Google Doc with your copy ready to be put to use

• A Loom video walkthrough of it

• Recordings of both the pre-work and follow-up calls so you and your team can refer back to them if/when you need to

you'll walk away with

it's like she took the words right from my mouth

“Having Ciara create the copy for my launch meant I was able to focus on my business and launching the course and not have to carve time out for writing. I feel great about the copy Ciara created for my launch. She definitely had my voice present in the copy – she took everything I communicated to her and packaged it up nicely. She is awesome to work with, she makes sure you are taken care of and her follow up is amazing. I'm grateful to have her work on my project and I would tell anyone who is looking for a copywriter that she has your back.”

kechia taylor, ceo of brows & co

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