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How to Refine and Optimise Your Own Website Copy

When it comes to your website copy, my best piece of advice is this: make sure it is actually working for you. What does that mean? Make sure it is doing the job it’s supposed to be doing: drawing in your ideal clients, warming them up into hot leads, and then converting them into actual […]

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How to Write Headlines that Actually Work

Something I’ve begun to realise over the last couple of weeks, while holed up in my little house in Belgium, is that your copywriting is more important now than ever. How you speak to your clients, customers, and audience is more important now than ever before – and how you market your business online has […]

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3 Quick Tips for More Eye-Catching Headlines

On your website homepage, your main page headline acts as the hook to draw in your ideal client and make them go to the next line. Here are 3 quick tips for writing more eye-catching headlines for your homepage so that your ideal client keeps reading.

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