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What You Need to Include on Your Sales Pages to Increase Conversions

A sales page is essentially a dedicated sales “letter” where you speak about one product or offering. If you were to look up the definition of “to sell” you will see that it is defined as the act of persuading someone of the merits of something.

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How Your Copy Can Lead to More Clients

You standing with a giant net, with no clear plan, no specific type of bait, just throwing any old thing into the water? That is not going to lead to your dream clients.⁠ What will? Your words.

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How to Write Non-Salesy Sales Copy

For service-based businesses, sales copy is very important – you aren’t selling a tangible product: you’re selling your time and your expertise. Expressing why your ideal client needs this and why they should pick YOU can be difficult. 

And it can be hard to wrap your head around having to try and ‘sell’. When I first started my business, the idea of ‘selling’ made my palms sweat. But selling is necessary; so how can you do it in a way that isn’t salesy? How can you write sales copy that is non-salesy?

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Words that Sell: 4 Magic Phrases to Use in Your Sales Copy

Have you always wondered how to write copy that sells? Or maybe you want to know how to write copy that converts? Then read this!

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