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How to Show the Transformation in Your Copy

When it comes to getting your words to sell, an important thing to remember is this: Your ideal client/customer isn’t all that interested in the features of your offering.⁠⁠They don’t really care if your package includes x,y,z.⁠⁠What they care about is what those ‘x,y,z’ features translate into for them.⁠ What they mean for their LIFE. […]

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How to Write Non-Salesy Sales Copy

For service-based businesses, sales copy is very important – you aren’t selling a tangible product: you’re selling your time and your expertise. Expressing why your ideal client needs this and why they should pick YOU can be difficult. 

And it can be hard to wrap your head around having to try and ‘sell’. When I first started my business, the idea of ‘selling’ made my palms sweat. But selling is necessary; so how can you do it in a way that isn’t salesy? How can you write sales copy that is non-salesy?

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