we pair conversion copywriting with high-impact strategy for way better funnels

Your funnel isn’t converting at the level you want it to be (or know it can). You’ve proven the offer concept, got some great testimonials and feedback, and know exactly who it’s for. But the leads you’re managing to get into your funnel aren’t translating into revenue. It’s time to optimize your funnel and get it working for you so it can run in the background, convert leads like nobody’s business, and help you scale to 7-figures with ease.

here’s the sitch :

...because your funnel has a BIG job to do

Your Facebook ads need to be written and strategized so they match the message being put forward on the landing page they lead to AND the awareness level of your target audience.

And that landing page needs to do its job to convert ad-clickers into opt-ins so that you’re seeing a ROI from your ad spend and getting new leads into your funnel.

The email sequence you send to those leads needs to have subject lines that peak curiosity (so the emails get opened) and body copy that evokes a response and prompts an action (so they click on the link in them).
And the sales page you’re driving traffic to, where finally those leads have the opportunity to convert into actual customers, needs to match the message that’s been put forward at every previous touchpoint and move those leads through the different levels of customer awareness until they reach the stage where they will say “yes”. 

Phew. Seems like a lot of work, huh?

i would hire her again in a heartbeat

“Before I worked with Ciara I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start with my copy. Ciara exceeded my expectations and she really nailed my voice – the copy was so good that I cried and laughed as I was reading it. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

barbara schreihans, ceo of your tax coach

if each page, email and ad in your funnel isn’t designed to convert? you will continue to see

lacklustre results.

Which means you’ll continue to feel stressed out, anxious, frustrated – and like there’s not enough coffee in the world to make up for the sleepless nights you’ve been having lately – when you think about your conversions and your 5-year business plan 

The truth is we see too many business owners out there who think that throwing money at Facebook ads, buying generic email templates, or word-vomiting their own thoughts about their offer onto a sales page is what will turn their unconverting funnel around.

Wrong (and not just wrong but a waste of your money, time and energy).

What will actually make the biggest difference to your conversions is the message and narrative that’s running through your entire funnel.

That's where we come in.

we’re about to come in and ‘Olivia Pope’ your funnel.

it’s handled.

At The Copy Atelier we specialize in researching, writing and strategizing your entire funnel – your sales page, email sales sequence, webinar landing page and Facebook/IG ad copy – so that it’s fully ready to be built out by your team.

Custom created. Tailor made. Fully strategized. Just for you.

what you get

the finessed funnel package

A high-level, 6-week process that ends with you having a custom created, fully optimized sales funnel copy suite for your evergreen offer or next launch that is designed to convert.

First we onboard. You fill in our in-depth brand questionnaire, send us your market research data (e.g. survey responses, testimonials) & then we have a 90-minute copy strategy call. Then we get to work crafting your funnel copy suite.

We carry out our thorough Research Deep Dive process – mining your market research for gold, creating voice of customer data swipe files, identifying your brand archetype and unique copy personality, and putting everything together into your very own Launch Bible.

4-6 Facebook ad copy

A 12-part email sequence

1 webinar or masterclass landing page (up to 1500 words)

1 sales page (up to 5000 words) 

1 round of edits and a 60-minute copy polishing call

Finalised copy document(s), wireframe(s), email map and full funnel map

30 minute strategy call to wrap up and answer any final questions

Launch Bible deliverable

how it  works




You fill in our contact form and tell us a little bit about you and your business.

We’ll get back to you within 1 working day to schedule in a consultation call.

If working together seems like the next best thing since peanut butter and cracked black pepper, we’ll make it official.

Please note that most clients secure their spot with us at least 3–4 months before they want to launch/implement their new funnel. Our working process is 6 weeks and cannot be shortened.

If you want to be a leader in your niche

and if you want to build your million dollar brand...

 ...you need funnels that are designed to convert – with messaging and copy that’s custom written for your brand, your offer and your ideal client, and the entire funnel strategized for maximum results.




investment of  $12,000 USD

payment plans available

what you get

A thorough research dive into your brand, your ideal customer and your offer via our brand questionnaire, in-depth research process and 90-minute copy strategy call.

Custom, completely tailored-to-you copywriting for your full sales funnel:
• 4–6 Facebook ads
• 1 medium form landing page
• A 12-part email sequence
• 1 long-form sales page

A full round of edits and a 60-minute copy polishing call.

Delivery of page wireframes, email sequence map, full funnel map, and Launch Bible.

A fully strategized and optimized sales funnel and a final 30-minute strategy call to walk you through it.

(Additional elements may be added on and can be discussed)

the resulting copy is so fantastic!

“Ciara challenged me to really nail my ideal client and their pain points, and then see that come to life through wonderful story-telling. The resulting copy is so fantastic, I know in my heart that if someone clicks away, it just mustn't be the programme for them.”

rosie mccarthy, founder of badass careers

we’ll be a good fit if...

You’re not a business newbie and you have a proven offer. This isn’t your first rodeo with this offer (you may even have an existing funnel for it), and you have a clear understanding of your ideal client/customer.

You have a Facebook/Instagram ads budget, a healthy (not necessarily HUGE but active) email list, and plans to create a new dedicated opt-in or webinar for this revamped funnel.

You have the vision to see that this is aninvestment for the long-term of your business and that the funnel created in this package will only be as good as the effort you put into marketing it. The best copy in the world cannot convert a non-existent audience.

You value conversion copywriting, realize the benefit of a simplified & sustainable business, and you trust in and respect our expertise.

You’re the sort of CEO who – as busy as you get – remains kind, respectful, communicative and appreciative of our working processes. 

our powerhouse clients have been featured in...

We know that when it comes to building your million dollar brand,

you are ready to make it happen...

You want to kick ass in your business and still have the energy and time to do other things in life you love like spending quality time with your family, going on vacations and indulging in passion projects.

The problem is that if you’re constantly running around launching every five minutes, creating new offers on the regular and having to re-strategize all your copy and messaging in line with them – scaling won’t be simple. And it’ll probably take you longer. 

What you need are optimized funnels that can be running in the background of your business, expanding your reach, converting customers and increasing your revenue and impact without requiring you to be on 24/7.

Funnels that give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about in your business so you can reserve your time and energy for working in your own zone of genius.

you down for that?

. . .but you want to do it with ease.