when it comes to your messaging, copy & marketing, 

we think you should feel confident about its ability to convert.

And getting you to that place – where you feel at ease and maybe even a little bit excited at how well your marketing strategy is working for you, converting more of your leads into actual customers, helping you stand out in your niche through strong messaging, and enabling you to scale your business easily – is where we excel.

"who knew a phd in archaeology would help with online marketing?"

before i dove
head-first into the world of marketing, messaging and conversion copywriting,

i was an archaeologist. (yep, really.)

From being in the world of academia, strategizing scientific research projects, publishing articles, presenting at conferences and obtaining my PhD...

...to being the Vice Chairwoman of a local charity board at the time we crossed the £1 million raised mark responsible for planning events, incorporating digital marketing strategies, mapping out fundraising efforts and raising awareness...

...to working with multiple 6- and 7-figure business owners, creating copy, messaging and marketing strategies for high-profile launches, and establishing my own 6-figure marketing agency – trust me when I say that research, strategy and marketing is in my bones.

And I wholeheartedly love it.

it turns out the whole

“marketing yourself online” thing... 

requires a lot of the same skills as academia

in-depth research

an analytical mind

an ability to stand out

Who are we talking to and what are they struggling with?

What do we need to say to this person to get them ready to say “yes”?

What’s our USP with this brand and offer?

... and an understanding that to cut through the noise (and get someone to actually pay attention to what you're saying), you need to infuse things with a little creativity.


as someone who is both very analytically minded and creatively inclined (i.e. a complete mass of contradictions),

this suits me down to the ground.

It’s why I’ve been able to draw on my PhD background and skills in research, analytical thinking and strategy, and couple them with my experience and talent in writing, conversion copywriting, communicating and creative problem-solving to create a unique, proprietary process when it comes to crafting, elevating, refining and strategizing your copy, messaging and marketing.

an amazing copywriter and so delightful to work with

“Not only is Ciara an amazing sales copywriter but she's also so delightful to work with. She helped me fine tune the brand voice for my company, created our sales membership page, fine tuned our marketing website and made the entire experience simple, sophisticated and oh so organized!”

tata tickaradze – founder/owner of barter & be

at The Copy Atelier, we follow a 3-pronged approach that combines research, strategy and creativity to craft messaging, copy and marketing strategies that are

designed to convert




Lets us know exactly what your customers are craving so we can give them what they need.

Lets us design a marketing strategy that that meets your audience where they’re at and allows you to achieve the big goals in your business.

Lets us craft copy and messaging that cuts through the noise, makes an impact on your audience and amplifies your unique brand personality and voice.

...because at the end of the day – if your messaging isn’t fully strategized, with each piece of copy written in a way that speaks to, persuades and moves your ideal customer closer to the point of saying “yes”, and with a cohesive narrative that’s unique to your brand woven throughout your whole marketing strategy?

You won’t see the results you have the potential to see.

at the copy atelier, we stick to one mission 

to help female entrepreneurs build million dollar brands through elevating their messaging, refining their copy and strategizing their marketing.

i'd fully recommend ciara to any business owner

“Ciara is incredibly committed to doing a great job and will take the time to truly understand you AND your ideal client, as well as being great at taking feedback and applying it. Working with Ciara was such a great experience – she's incredible at what she does.”

claudia mangeac, founder and ceo of claudia mangeac coaching

our powerhouse clients have been featured in...

here’s what we believe round here

There’s no point building and scaling a successful business if it means working yourself into the ground, burning out and having no time to do the other things that bring you joy in life.

There needs to be more women-led businesses in the world and more diversity in business in general. 

Black lives matter.

Financial success equals economic, social and political power – and there needs to be more than just old white men holding the biggest slices of that power. 

If you can’t express your message in a way that cuts through the noise and stands you out from the crowd, you will not see the results, revenue or impact you have the potential to see in your business

Trust, communication and mutual respect are the pinnacles of any effective and enjoyable working relationship. If you’re not OK with that, we’re not for you.

she understands great copy

“After working with Ciara, I feel like I need her in my back pocket and that I never want to write long copy again! Her attention to detail is amazing. I didn't want my copy to sound like anyone else and it didn't. Ciara understands great copy and having her take the reins allowed me to focus on other areas of my launch”