we craft and strategize custom messaging & copy for 

business owners and CEOs who are ready to



make an impact

Helping coaches, consultants & service providers cut through the noise, stand out online and maximise their results, revenue and impact through their copy, messaging & marketing. 

it's what we do.

we like to call it “high-end copy

the obnoxious attitude”


...but really what we specialize in is crafting messaging and copy that is designed to convert so that you can scale your business with ease.

We do this by pairing expert conversion copywriting with high-impact strategy and by crafting strong, impactful messaging that’s completely aligned with your brand and ideal client so that you see more results from your copy and marketing.

You won’t find any cookie-cutter copywriting around here. Each project we work on is tailored to the client we’re creating it for – just as it should be.

We pride ourselves on repping the premium, high-end, “fancy section of the supermarket” corner of the conversion copywriting industry, but we do it with heart, a welcoming smile and an unwavering belief in the potential of your business.

some of the best work I’ve ever gotten from a copywriter

“When I read the emails Ciara wrote for my upcoming launch, I was so happy that I wanted to cry because it was just so good. This is some of the best work that I’ve ever gotten from a copywriter. And I’ve worked with some of the big-name copywriters in the game. Ciara nailed my brand voice and messaging in the sales copy for both of my programs, even though they are in two completely different niches!”

tasha cochran, ceo of one big  happy life

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Find out what's getting in the way of you using your copy & messaging to scale your business to 7 figures with ease. Plus, get our tailored tips to ensure your copy stands out from the crowd and converts into more results, revenue and impact for your business.

she nailed it

“It's like Ciara was in my head! She completely nailed my voice and brand message. She knows how to write powerful sales copy and makes the process fun and stress free! I know for a fact that her amazing copy led to more sales” 

shannon mckinstrie, founder of boutique social dc

hi, i’m ciara

owner, ceo and chief copywriter at the copy atelier & host of the copy coach podcast

I’m also a cat lover, tea drinker, cake baker, yoga do-er and unofficial cheerleader for women doing hard things #goyou.

My copywriting journey began back in October 2018 when I quit my job as an editor, packed away my PhD, and moved to France from Scotland to “start my own business”. I created The Copy Atelier to help more business owners and CEOs have the sort of impactful, converting copy and messaging that helps them see better results from their marketing so they can focus on making their mark on the world.

the copy coach 


The Copy Coach podcast is the go-to destination for business owners and CEOs who want their copy to do its job. Come for the copy tips, stay for the strategy on how you can use your copy and messaging to cut through the noise, stand out online and maximise your results, revenue and impact.

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the best thing you can do for yourself, your clients and your business is

keep your energy for working in your own zone 
of genius.

The Copy Atelier is a female-owned business so trust us when we say that we get the societal pressure on women to be able to do it all.

But if there’s one thing we believe in more than the power of your copy and messaging, it’s that there is no point building a successful business if it leaves you burnt out, exhausted and unable to live your best life (luckily, the former makes the latter so much easier).

We are all for simplifiying and scaling with ease.

Let us show you how.

ciara is definitely the go-to person for copywriting

“Ciara gets the job done precisely and on-time. I'm grateful she worked on my sales page, landing pages, emails and ad copy. She is definitely the go-to person for copywriting. I highly recommend her services. She will do you right!”

kechia taylor, ceo of brows & co